Portfolio of products and services

Over the last 19 years we have been dedicated ourselves to provide those technological innovations our customers require to achieve what they have proposed. Meet the products and services that collect those experiences.
  • The IN Platform from VIDAL & ASTUDILLO integrates personnel, machines and devices on the production process.
    IN Platform
  • Get the tools that your research require.
  • Development, manufacture, modification of machines and equipment.
    Machines and equipment
  • Learn how can we integrate the information that your process generates to allow better decisions and improvement.
  • Temperature and relative humidity validation wireless device.
  • Learn how we managed to increase our client’s confidence on its classification process.
    Weighing and classification of poultry
  • Poultry incubator and hatcher control update.
    Incubator control upgrade
  • PCB repair of specialized electronic and telecommunications equipment in Colombia
    Repair of electronic and telecommunications equipment