About V&A
January 6, 2022

About V&A

VIDAL & ASTUDILLO is a Colombian consulting company that since 2004 implements technology to solve the problems in industry and research that our clients pose to us. These include the replacement of machine controls, providing them with new functions, communications between various systems, re-design of processes and development of prototypes.

This implies that we must be multi-disciplinary to attend to all the work fronts that normally entail solving them properly. And this is precisely where our main strength lies: we consider our solutions from the strategic business point of view of our client, before a basic supply of products.

If you are interested in hearing what we can do to address the needs in your field please contact us .

Our mission

We apply technology in production processes to meet the needs of agricultural producers of all sizes with actions that go beyond duty and whose results - which are characterized by generating prosperity and by a sincere respect for individuals and our planet - provide satisfaction and pride to our clients, work team and society.

Our Team

Hernán Vidal Urrea

Mauricio Vidal Astudillo

Viviana Vidal Astudillo