• January 24, 2020
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Whatever the activity of your organization, you will have noticed that each phase of the production process generates a great amount of information originated by the personnel or by the machines, sensors or devices that intervene in the process. The challenge is to select the one that is relevant, classify it and direct it to the areas in charge of analyzing it and making decisions that allow taking advantage of its immense potential in the development of policies that are reflected in better results for your company.

The offer of technologies in the market that allow this to be done is very wide and growing, however the difficulty for most companies lies in the choice and implementation of the one that is the most appropriate for their particular case, since it is very common for those tools to require that their process or their organization conform to a standard solution. On the contrary, we believe that we must take advantage of technological advances to design solutions that are tailored to the particular needs of each company. Not the other way around.

The V&A approach

Our main argument for this proposal is that you are the one who knows your business and therefore knows what you need. From this, we develop the best solutions applicable to your company. In short, while you go about your business, we take care of covering the technical details.

What can we do for you?
  • Tell us what you need for your organization.

  • Tell us about your business, your expectations and explain your restrictions.

  • We propose, develop, implement, maintain and improve.

Why choose us?
  • We are not committed to manufacturers of equipment or software applications.

  • We do not sell products. We offer solutions.

  • We are industrial engineers. We know about processes.

  • We can contract for a fee on use for our solution, even on results with zero investment in assets on your part.

Our particular knowledge in key technologies

Information storage and application services
  • Machines, processes, investigations that generate high volumes of information. We believe that we can take advantage of the benefits of BIG DATA tools in our solutions.

  • Availability of applications and data in the cloud: Basic infrastructure Amazon Web Services , Google Could .

  • Flexibility in the structure of the information. Changing processes, products, characteristics. NoSQL data structures with platforms such as MongoDB and Apache CouchDB which allows the information to be replicated in different geographical points where there are network access interruptions.

Spreadsheet that collects information from a pivot table whose source is a cloud database powered by mobile devices.
Mobile apps
FileMaker App for iPhone
Rapid prototype for data collection on mobile devices. Operators generate information even when there is no access to the network. Synchronization occurs when the network is available.
  • Mobile applications that do not require fundamental changes every time development platforms change. We use platforms such as FileMaker that also allow us to develop fast and flexible prototypes to validate procedures.

  • Collect remote data on mobile devices to be incorporated into robust databases: We have developed a hybrid solution to synchronize data according to availability to the network based on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad tablets that publish to a middleware application in the cloud which synchronizes PostgreSQL / MySQL databases.

Specialized devices for obtaining information
  • Simple machines and devices that generate information. Bring them to the network with low-cost devices using non-proprietary and widely accepted standards like JSON and Modbus .

  • We implement various means of communication to devices using standards such as ZigBee and radios from the manufacturer Digi .

Hardware developed by V&A
Electronic hardware developed by VIDAL & ASTUDILLO to monitor and control poultry incubators.

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